In the courtyard of a residential complex in the capital’s Lefortovo district was the reconstruction of the fountain. Work carried out in the framework of improvement of the territory near the metro station "aircraft", according to the portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

The currently ongoing commissioning. "the Fountain in the courtyard no one served more than 15 years. Over the years fallen into disrepair as a mechanism of water supply and bowl. Facing completely crumbled, its original color could only guess", – said the representatives of the Department overhaul of the city.

Further public discussions it was agreed the draft of capital improvement areas. The appearance of elected local residents and Council Lefortovo.

Workers completely dismantled the base of the fountain, the work it took to sum up the new utility networks. In addition, controls the operation of the fountain is now a special program that can automatically enable and disable it.

"the Lower and upper bowl cast from concrete. In height, the design came out more than two meters. The lining is made of blue tile mosaic of three shades. The side part and the base laid out dark blue, and the surface of the bowls is also blue, but lighter shade" – share in the press-service of the Department.

While the yard also upgraded sidewalks, installed curbs, changed the asphalt on the roadway and broke a lawn with an area of 3.1 thousand square meters.

Earlier it was said that a large rose garden will be opened in the Park "Sokolniki" after repair. Flower filling the garden has also changed – in the rose garden planted 36 new varieties.