The singer noticed that in that moment she wanted to hear something that would help her move on.

Natasha Koroleva remembered that she said Alla Pugacheva after divorce with Igor Nikolaev. Since the divorce of the singer with the composer has been more than 20 years, but the actress, despite the fact that she has been successfully married to Sergey Glushko, continue to remember in the context of Nikolaev. Andrey Malakhov, the Queen confessed she always dreamed to have an ideal family, therefore, was the lawful wife of Igor, as soon as she turned 18.

The marriage of the Queen and Nikolayev lasted 10 years, and then the husband and wife took the decision to divorce. A significant role in that episode was played by Alla Pugacheva, who secretly calls Igor with his son. Natasha remembered that Diva was not originally supported the Union of composer and singer, but when the family broke up, Pugachev was the first who supported it and found the right words.


Publish from Natasha Koroleva (@koroleva__star) 9 Mar 2020 4:08 PDT

“All the right words at a very difficult moment of my life I heard from Alla and she is very grateful for that. I missed those words from wise women, from the woman who can not only regret. I wanted to hear the words that would open me the way forward. She said to me: “You know, life does not end. You wrestle, not throw, apply yourself. Think about yourself and go forward. Then life and time will put everything in its place. Moscow does not believe in tears,” he remembered the Queen talking with the Diva.