Purchase from developers unsold housing, to which the state promised to allocate 50 billion rubles, caused a discussion between the Ministry and JSC “House.Of the Russian Federation”, the government-appointed operator of the programme. The company insists that to minimize the risks of all transactions with developers, which will be acquired apartment, must be made through the same Bank. The Ministry believes that it does not meet the requirements of current legislation on share building. But experts believe that such a mechanism “distorts” competition among banks.At the disposal of “b” were dated may 12, 2020 letter from the Deputy head of the Ministry Nikita Stasyshyn in the Ministry of Finance, where it is reported that the draft government regulations governing the redemption of unsold housing from developers. According to Mr. Staresina, “House.Of the Russian Federation”, the government-appointed operator of the programme, set the condition “on the necessity of depositing funds paid to the developer on account of the contract price to the Bank account of the Builder, opened a credit institution, an authorized Bank in the sphere of housing construction”.In other words, “the House.Of the Russian Federation” suggests that developers participating in the program, opened accounts in the subsidiary Bank of the company. Nikita Statesin according to the Finance Ministry that such a condition was unacceptable, as “directly contrary to part 2.3 of article 3 of the Federal law №214 (regulating the construction of equity.— “Kommersant”)”. In this part it is stated that the developer, attracting funds from investors for the construction of a particular apartment complex or home, is obliged to have only one Bank account through which all the calculations. Scheme of redemption supposes that “House.Russia” may acquire housing in the construction sites where sold out from 30% to 80% of the apartments.In “The House.Of the Russian Federation” and the Ministry did not comment on the situation. The Ministry of Finance on request “b” did not answer. In his letter to Nikita Staticin suggested to learn on this issue the position of the economy, which also did not provide comments.The redemption of unsold housing has been one of the measures of state support of the industry during the pandemic COVID-19 crisis, as Vladimir Putin announced in mid-April. “House.Of the Russian Federation” is assigned to the operator of the program, as it is a single development institution in the sphere of housing construction. Authorities announced 50 billion rubles for the redemption of the company must bring under the guarantee of the Ministry of Finance.Later “House.Russia” has declared readiness to increase funding for the program to 150 billion rubles But as it became known on may 15, online conferences, “b”, while the government has not supported this initiative. “House.Of the Russian Federation” of 18 may said that approved the program under current funding. One of the points says that the purchased property will be sold on the open��’s auctions, and also be offered the regional authorities, for example, for resettlement of residents from dilapidated housing.In Fact “House.Of the Russian Federation” with the purchase of housing acts as a shareholder, so it is quite fair to attempt to minimize risks by carrying out all transactions with developers through the accounts in the subsidiary Bank, says General Director of the Rating Agency building complex (RASK) Nikolai Alekseenko. “But on the other hand, he continues, is a direct hint to developers that the support measures will benefit the customers of a specific Bank.” In the medium term, experts predict, is “artificially distort competition between banks (for funds from developers under shared construction.— “Kommersant”)”.The ensuing discussion shows that between the “House.Of the Russian Federation” and the Ministry of construction for the misunderstanding about the program for the purchase of housing, believes Mr. Alekseenko. Although, he adds, the Ministry right from the point of view of interpretation of the provisions of the law. This thesis supports the managing partner of advocates ‘ Bureau “of Bichenov and partners” Alim of Bichenov. “But,” he adds, “the law, which is referred to the Deputy head of the Ministry of construction allows the Builder on its own initiative to terminate the contract with one Bank where he has account in the framework of the investors for a specific project, and open it at another Bank”.Khalil Amine