as for The Pro League will donate 100,000 euro for the Belgian food banks to ensure that vulnerable people in society, and at the coronacrisis to support it. In addition, the non-profit association of 24 professional football clubs in a campaign to get supporters to urge for yourself to make a contribution to the food banks.

The coronacrisis, and the needless hoarding of the people have an unpleasant effect on sensitive people and to the families that food banks depend on to put food on the table. The stocks are running out, and the food banks need food purchases in order to be able to distribute. Therefore, to increase their own spending quite a bit more.

the Annual processing for the various food banks, through their nine branches and 18,000 tonnes of food, or of more than 30 million meals to nearly 170 000 poor people. To food distribution and to support it, giving the Pro League is now 100,000 euros to the Belgian Federation of Food banks. This is the equivalent of 50,000 meals.

It was Thursday, decided to through a video conference, by the board of directors of the Pro League. In addition to financial support, the clubs are using their channels to focus on football supporters to make them aware of the social importance of food. The Pro League will be the fans asking for a financial contribution to do so.