The Kremlin has called a way to stabilize the world energy market

“Russia was not a supporter of the transaction termination OPEC+” – recalled Sands. Moscow wants to engage in constructive negotiations – another alternative to stabilize the international energy market, no.

Otherwise, the world oil market expects a complete collapse. “Partners from Saudi Arabia took the unprecedented discounts… unprecedented increases in production. Well, what it led to? This led to the fact that a little more, and will be filled all the oil reservoirs in the world,” Peskov said.

Photo: RIA Novosti Returns whether the OPEC members to the transaction to reduce oil production

“Tankers already are not used for the transportation of oil, and actually like the floating cans” – compare the representative of the Kremlin.

“In the end we will have a minimum price of oil that is not beneficial to any country,” – said Peskov, adding that the Russian oil industry – multiplier effect for the economy, and therefore, the President directly addressed this issue.