Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinian said that, along with his entire family contracted COVID-19. He said this in his video to Facebook.

According to Pashinian, he was asymptomatic, however, before a planned visit to a military unit, he decided to take the test for the coronavirus, and it turned out positive. It later turned out that his family members also passed positive tests, however, manifestations of the disease have also not been. The Prime Minister believes that he contracted the infection at work – it could infect one of the employees.

“One of the staff put a glass of water without gloves, I offered to change the glass, but I assume that it was done before. This man was confirmed as a coronavirus,” said he.

he added that despite the disease he will continue to fulfil the Prime Minister’s functions, being quarantined in the government house. He also expressed hope that didn’t infect anyone in the government.

Earlier, Pashinyan said about the difficult situation in Armenia in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. According to him, the country actually started the second wave of the epidemic.

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