the Singer and composer Yuri Loza in interview “Evening Moscow” said that “the star of higher flight” can go to unload the cars, if there are financial difficulties.

From the point of view of the musician, even the most famous representatives of Russian show-business and financial conditions worsened due to pandemic COVID-19 and its implications.

the Vine has compared current situation with the great depression that swept the USA in the 1930-ies. According to the artist, at that difficult time they all went to unload the cars, despite the position in society and stardom.

“in the same way now: if our artists will be in the financial trap, then actively go to unload cars. All of us — the people who will have nothing to eat, — let’s go to work anyone,” — shared his opinion of the singer.

Recall that in one interview the husband of Valeria producer Iosif Prigozhin said about the deplorable situation of artists because of the pandemic, COVID-19. Many Internet users urged the wife of the singer to stop complaining about life because there are people who are worse than the artists. Harassment Prigogine was also joined by musician Sergei Shnurov, who posted a verse of trolling colleagues. Between the producer and the rocker broke out a serious dispute. Prigogine has already promised after the removal of all restrictive measures for a man to talk to Shnurov, which unflattering spoke not only of him but of Valerie.

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