MOSCOW, June 20. /TASS/ — the prevalence of coronavirus in Russia on Saturday was 0,93, almost unchanged from the previous day. In Moscow, he declined to 0.75, the estimates of the TASS based on the data of the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus.

As of Friday, the index held below one in eight of the ten regions with the highest number of people infected. Above it is only in the Nizhny Novgorod region (1,08) and Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district (1,25).

In the suburbs the ratio stood at 0.91 in St. Petersburg — 0,92, in Dagestan — 0,95. In Sverdlovsk region it is equal to 0,97, in the Tula — 0,94, in Rostov — 0.9 and in the Krasnoyarsk region — is 0.95.

According to the recommendations of the CPS, the regions, where the rate is equal to or less than unity may, under the conditions of availability “infectious” beds and testing coverage to start easing of restrictive measures due coronavirus. If the ratio is reduced to 0.8 or less, the region may proceed to the second stage, a value of 0.5 and less to the third.