Pandemic coronavirus in the world can take two years; the spread of the infection will be brought under control until two thirds of the population will not be immune to it. The corresponding forecast is contained in the report of the experts of the Center for the study of infectious diseases at the University of Minnesota (USA), reported on Friday, may 1, Bloomberg.

because of its ability to spread from asymptomatic carriers caused the pandemic coronavirus harder to take control than the flu, which was the main cause of pandemics in recent years. Scientists say that patients in whom signs of infection COVID-19 has not yet emerged, are the most contagious.

After to minimize the spread of infection around the world for a few weeks was isolated billions of people, governments began to gently resume the work of business and open public places. However, several new waves of the pandemic coronavirus probably be expected until 2022, the report says.

“Official information from authorities to the public should contain a message indicating that the pandemic is not yet over and people should be prepared to rise from time to time of new outbreaks of the disease in the next two years,” the researchers note.

the report also notes that developers in a hurry with the creation of vaccines that can be produced in small quantities this year. Although during the pandemic of the 2009-2010 flu vaccine in a significant number of was not until, while in the United States outbreak has not peaked, research has shown that vaccinations prevented in the country to 1.5 million infections and up to 500 deaths.

the Number of people infected with coronavirus in the world as of morning may 1, reached 3 257 520, according to the data project at Johns Hopkins University. Since the beginning of the pandemic died 233 of 405 persons, recovered — 1 014 809.