Fürth) compared to. The police asks to stuff notes.

A woman was on Sunday evening to walk from heufeld to Veitsbronn on-the-go. Against at 18:15 she noticed a man that stood on a Parking lot in the cane fields, the road, and in the shame of infringing way, showed. The woman continued her way and saw the same man a little later, again on a Parking lot of a Food discounter in the Seukendorfer road, just before the train tracks standing. Here, too, the man in shame manipulated hurtful way to his genitals.

The man was described as follows:

About 35 years old, about 180 cm tall, strong build, light complexion, wore glasses and a 3-day beard. The man was wearing blue Jeans, a grey-coloured long-sleeved top and a grey wool cap without a pattern. Maybe the unknown man was with a white box (similar to VW Caddy) on-the-go.

The police have asked witnesses, what clues to the identity of the unknown man can give, to contact the crime service means Swiss francs at the phone number 0911 2112-3333 in connection.

Michael Petzold/n

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