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MediaMarkt with a new action: A Tonie, there is a gift

day-care centres and schools, but also sports clubs and other Clubs have closed, in order to prevent the spread of the Virus. The recreational opportunities are restricted, what was true of the children. The Toniebox , a cube-shaped Tonabspiel, is for years great popularity, and even small children to easily self-serve. So the Smallest have a meaningful employment in between and can adventure through different stories and a radio play by hear.

media keeps up to 14. April 2020 (07:59 PM) a great ready for action. You get four-Tonie-figures for the price of three – means the cheapest Tonie in the cart, you get it from MediaMarkt given. Of shipping cost of 1.99 euros.

For the 4 for 3 promotion for Tonie characters from MediaMarkt (display)

the Deal is Worth it: assessment of the FOCUS Online editorial

The current Top Deal of MediaMarkt’s absolutely worth it. For children, who can’t get a story enough and the Toniebox regularly use. You will receive four Tonies for the price of one and have a great selection of diverse stories. A worthwhile bargain!