it Was hard – both physically and emotionally. All combatants ninety. Because of age and illness to come to the viewers could not all. But I tried – some with walkers, who with the support of grandchildren, but who was surprised by the perfect shape and clear mind. Such volunteers say with genuine enthusiasm.

“Man, we tore off from the computer – he works remotely in his 92 years! It is about his poetry that in 43-m received medals, and 45-m – passports… the Medal for defense of Leningrad, he was awarded in fourteen years!”

“Grandfather 93 years. Was born and grew up in Leningrad. Survived the siege. In 1944 he went to flight school and the army. After the Victory in 1945 was seconded to the war in Japan, served as a fighter pilot”.

“the Grandmother of 91 years. And it still works! Knows three languages. The war was a signalman. Plays the guitar and the accordion, plays sports every day! Her motto is “a woman should always remain a woman”!”

“93. I was born and lived all his life in Leningrad. When the war started, she was fourteen years old. She went to work in a factory as an apprentice Turner. Often in three shifts. Workers were given a bit more bread here and got to the factory, to have something to eat. Mom went to meet her at night from work to the daughter were not alone. During the war, came to Turner the third category”.

“During the siege was a nurse, after the war, he graduated from the medical Institute, Professor, still working part time and is in 95 years. Just wrote a book about the siege.”

“Grandpa was the battles from Moscow to Berlin with the rank of corporal! Berlin was in the office of Hitler. Received fifteen letters of gratitude from Stalin!”

“I Have, unfortunately, had no grandmothers or grandfathers. Because I am all three days listening to everyone’s story, empathized and enjoyed that we can all hear from the source”.

“These people didn’t even think to give up. Oh, no! My eyes are burning, I work out (for a minute in ‘ 93!), by the time we got to dress up as young. Nothing, they say, we survived the war, and the virus will survive! Talk about fighting, about the days they endured the blockade… Here it is, a lust for life! Does not convey emotions, but this day I were not able to effect. The veterans are less, it’s our job to appreciate them and remember to try every possible way to help while there’s time. With the Victory!”

delivery of gifts to veterans is almost complete. Meanwhile the usual work of the volunteer project #Myvote continues. Volunteers help seniors who are on a withdrawal (and such a regime in St. Petersburg extended to the end of may), to buy food and medicine.

to Leave the application to receive volunteer help by phone 8-800-200-34-11, and with the help of mobile applications “onf.Help.”

hotline city volunteers in SaintPetersburg: (812) 245-32-20.