“Kommersant Style” knows, what means will help to cope with the swelling, from the new to time-tested.Reasons edema, there may be several. The most common are seasonal allergies, lack of sleep, too much salty food, parties with alcohol until the morning, the lack of balance between work and leisure. And finally, lack of physical activity. It seems that all these risks have now been collected under one roof and called “quarantine”. However, if you carefully analyze exactly where there is a bias in the mode, you can try to get rid of edema. In the opinion of the associate of American Medical College named after albert Einstein, doctor of medicine, Dendy Engelman, is to start with the main, and if you have allergies, you need to understand its source and start taking antihistamines (of course, all this on prescription), also look for tutorials on lymphatic drainage massage and enjoy a selection of anatomically correct pillow (uncomfortable pillow, like sleep, face down, also contributes to fluid retention).However, the problem may be purely genetic — then you direct road to a plastic surgeon, the swelling (they — orbital hernia) is now removed quickly and quietly. If you are a supporter of a more gentle, non-invasive techniques, then you should seek the assistance of cosmetics. Creams for eyes with caffeine in the composition, cooling mask, draining gels and serums can reduce the amount of liquid held as under the eyes and on the face and therefore minimize swelling. Irina Kirienko