Moscow. May 16. INTERFAX.RU — , the President of France Emmanuel macron was forced to listen to on Friday during a visit in Paris hospital Drinking Salpetrier sharp criticism two nurses due to health care, said channel BFMTV.

Dealing with the beginning of the epidemic COVID-19 coronavirus patients nurses never ceased to demand higher wages, but also increase funds for the hospital and number of hospital beds.

During the conversation with asking nurses macron told them that I would not like to see their “positive energy disappeared, and there was despair.”

“But, unfortunately, it’s already happened, Mr. macron, — angrily replied one of them. — Even before COVID we were already in despair. It lasts years, Mr. macron”. A second nurse added: “We’re desperate. We don’t believe.”

In response, the French President began to explain to them the government’s strategy for “My health 2022”.

on Friday, the health Ministry of France confirmed the trend of decline in the country hospitalized with COVID-19, including in intensive care units.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in the country was 98 192 hospitalized patient infected with coronavirus, of which were cured 60 448. For the last day marked 563 new confirmed infection. The total number of cases identified reached in France 141 919. Thursday in the country was 104 fatal outcome among patients with a diagnosis of coronavirus. The total number of deaths since the epidemic rose to 27 529.