the Average wage in Russia by the end of the II quarter of 2020 amounted to 41.5 thousand rubles a month, according to the analytical centre “Avito Work”. Meanwhile, Rosstat has not yet published the data for salary for April-July, we still have a record of the official statistics for the first quarter – 48.3 thousand rubles. Of course, to compare these two figures obtained on the basis of different methodologies and different period of time, is not quite correct. But the pandemic coronavirus, which overturned many established things gives us that right: patch, the average “shrunk” in one quarter by almost 20%.

Experts focused in their study on two points. First, they decided to find out in which sectors average salaries are higher in the current crisis of the day.

the Top 5 were construction (59,8 thousand roubles a month), automotive business (47.6 per thousand), transportation and logistics industry (46,4 thousand), the group of professions “Medicine, pharmacy” (45,2 K) finally, fitness clubs and beauty salons (43,8 million).

the Second part of the review concerns the situation with jobs in the cities. The leader, not surprisingly, Moscow (73.6 thousand rubles per month), followed by Saint Petersburg (53.8 thousand), Ekaterinburg (42.7 thousand) and Kazan (42.1 per thousand). And in Kazan marked one of the highest rates of wage growth for both the year and quarter.

the Average accrued salary in the country is traditionally calculated to characterize the population’s real income, its purchasing power and welfare. If we talk about the methodology of Rosstat, the Ministry divides the total wage Fund by the number of employees over the same period. Thus considered it “dirty” the income before taxes and other deductions.

For the calculations required to collect and process a vast array of information, usually summary statistics for salary you have to wait more than a month. Rostovsky index for may will appear in July. By the way, exactly the same happens in the rest of the world: there is a special standard of IMF, including recommendations on the timing of the publication of data .

“I do not really understand how the got their numbers analysts “Avito”, – says Professor of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Alexander Safonov. – I believe the basis they took the data on the declared vacancies. But there’s never the full amount of wages due to the fact that employers do not want to “Shine” on the Internet these amounts”.

with regard to Rosstat, it takes into account information on the financial statements that he provided the IRS and the companies themselves. If necessary, all these indicators can be cross-checked through the Pension Fund. Rosstat is very broad sample coverage, fully consistent with the structure of employment. Plus, the Agency takes into attention��e regional factors: their view in the far North regions, such as Kamchatka, the average salary is two times higher than in the whole country.

in addition, the average calculation Rosstat get income from employment. In particular, self-employed and individual entrepreneurs. However, Safonov concludes, there is no doubt about one thing: the average salary in the second quarter will not reach the level of the first. It will be closer to 40 thousand roubles, than to 50 thousand.

Driven by “Avito” the result is consistent with intuitive expectations, says a member of the Board of Confederation of labour of Russia Pavel Kudyukin. It is clear that wages and, more broadly, income fell in April-June. Finding themselves in a difficult situation, employers began to cut wages at the expense of the variable part, leaving workers naked salary.

Yes, the figure is 41.5 per thousand close to the real situation, a drop of 15-20% is not beyond the scope of “permissible”, according to doctor of Economics (HSE) Sergei Smirnov. According to him, when Rosstat will publish the data for the second quarter (when slipped sharply the income of small and medium business, services, private medicine), will we get confirmation of this.