the UK Government has offered three million Hong Kong residents would like to remove British citizenship – after China imposed against dissidents in the national security act. A scheme to provide safe haven for Hong Kongers develops and Australia. And in the US in response to the adoption of the scandalous law, the House of representatives unanimously supported the new sanctions against Chinese officials. In China, such actions are called gross interference in the internal Affairs of the country.

In the West, which entered into force on July 1, the law “On improvement of the legal system and enforcement mechanism of Hong Kong” is called a breach of the obligations of Beijing to provide greater freedom to the inhabitants of the former British possessions, which they had to use at least 50 years – until 2047.

Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Dominic Raab said that after “careful” assessment of the content of the new law for Hong Kong it is possible to conclude that this represents a “clear violation of autonomy and a direct threat to the freedoms of the people”, the document “clearly and seriously violates” the joint Declaration, which laid the basis for the transfer of the territory from Britain to China in 1997.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: his government will fulfill its promise and give the opportunity to apply for British citizenship in Hong Kong holders of British national overseas passports (British National Overseas (BNO) passport for persons living outside of the Kingdom – MK).

This measure applies primarily to those who, under the new law face a prison sentence for protesting against the Central government in Beijing.

Speaking in Parliament, Johnson said, “the Law threatens the liberties and rights protected by the joint Declaration. We have made it clear that if China will continue to follow this path, we will introduce new rules for those who has the status of British subjects abroad, so they can enter the UK and will be granted a temporary residence permit with the possibility to live and work, and then apply for British citizenship. That’s exactly what we are doing now”. Hong Kong with the status of BNO will be able to move to the UK with their dependants. Moreover, a temporary residence permit will be given for a period of five years. Then Hong Kongers will be able to apply for resident status, and after 12 months – British citizenship. The new rules will be implemented in the coming months.

Introduced especially for the residents of Hong Kong BNO passports began to issue from 1987. Now they are placed in a blue cover with a picture of the British coat of arms and inscriptions “United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland. British passport”. Sach��with in Hong Kong have 2.9 million people with the status of British subjects abroad, 350 thousand of which already have the appropriate passport, and the others have the opportunity to obtain this document. Talking about Hong Kong people born before its transfer to China on 1 July 1997. Just a special administrative region home to about 7.5 million people.

China’s Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming called the Declaration of London on granting the Hong Kong residence permit “gross interference in the internal Affairs of the country” and noted that “the Chinese side expresses serious concern and resolutely opposed” such a move.

in Parallel, a scheme to provide safe shelters for residents of autonomy develops and Australia. This was announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison. He told reporters that he intends to follow the example of Johnson. However, while the plan the Australian government is under development. On the question of whether this support is to enable permanent settlement in Australia, Morrison said he would give details as soon as final decision, adding: “But if the question is, are we ready to scale up activities and support, the answer is Yes.” It is not clear what is meant by the head of the Australian government. In fact any offers of support can be complicated as restrictions on international travel, associated with pandemic COVID-19, and the potential actions of China.

In turn, members of the Australian labor party called on the government to support 17 of thousands of Hong Kongers that are already in Australia on temporary visas. “No one should be forcibly deported to Hong Kong if they do not want to come back,” – said the press-Secretary of the labor party, penny Wong and the press Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs Kristina keneally.

leader of the Australian green party Adam Bandt also proposed to revise the trade deal Australia to Hong Kong. The politician has previously called on Morrison to follow the example of former Prime Minister Robert Hawke, “who, after the bloody massacre in Tiananmen square showed great compassion, opening his arms Australia, Chinese people fleeing from tyranny.”

In 1989, immediately after the events in Tiananmen square, the then Prime Minister hawke surprised his colleagues in an emotional statement. He ordered the issuance of temporary permits for entry to Australia for Chinese citizens to 12 months, providing them with financial assistance and the right to work. As a result, about 42 thousand people received permanent visas.

Recall, the all-China Assembly of people’s representatives unanimously passed the law on national security of Hong Kong. According to critics this to��of paper, he deprived the city autonomy, civil and social freedoms, and strengthened the authoritarian rule of Beijing in this area.

thousands of Hong Kongers gathered on Wednesday in Causeway Bay and Wanchai to protest against the adoption by Parliament of China of this legislation. To disperse the protesters the police used tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons.

In total, law enforcement officers detained more than 300 participants of protest actions. Among them ten people were arrested on suspicion of violating a new law on national security of Hong Kong, providing punishment up to lifelong imprisonment for terrorist activities, separatism, undermine state power and collusion with foreign forces.