The Russian approach to determining causes of death based on the recommendations of the world health organization (who), including recommendations of infectious diseases and international qualification of diseases. In an interview with “Kommersant” said chief freelance specialist of the Moscow health Department for pathological anatomy Oleg Zairatyants.

He added that the exact cause of death determined after autopsy. In Russia it is on average 60 percent of cases in Moscow — 80%, and abroad — in 2-4 percent of cases. Since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus in the Russian capital conducted the autopsy all the dead.

“it Became obvious that there is, so to speak, the first group of dead are those whose death is caused directly by the coronavirus. I would like to note that this category includes not only those who have the coronavirus has caused irreversible changes in the lungs,” said Zairatyants.

According to him, it became clear that the virus can seriously affect other organs and can lead to thrombosis, kidney failure and other fatal conditions.

He also described how he determined the cause of death of patients with coronavirus.

“If damage is caused to the body by a coronavirus, were absent or were significantly less than those lesions for which it was responsible in another disease, it was determined the main cause of death,” — said the pathologist.

Earlier on may 28, the Department of health of Moscow reported that in April this year, the coronavirus infection has died 636 people, the percentage of deaths from the coronavirus in the capital during this period ranged from 1.4 to 2.8 percent. This figure is lower than in new York and London.

Since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus in Russia revealed 379 051 case of infection in 85 regions. For the entire period recorded 4142 death, recovered 150 993 people.