Pandemic COVID-19 led to a significant fall in the value of passports of Russia, Ukraine and the United States. It is reported by Henley & Partners, presenting on its website the next index of the passports of the world.

The new index, which measures the freedom of movement of citizens, there is only one change compared to the first quarter of the year: passport UAE dropped one position in connection with the revision of the agreement with Japan. However, the index was not considered temporary restrictive measures taken in connection with the pandemic. In practice, the number of available visa-free areas depends on how successfully a country cope with the epidemic.

Experts cite the example of the passport of the USA, Russia and Ukraine. So, the decision of the EU authorities about opening their borders to citizens of 14 countries led to the fact that the U.S. passport, which is in the index, in seventh place, in fact, provides the same freedom of movement as the passport of Uruguay. Subject to restrictions should be placed on the 28th place. The passport of the Russian Federation before the pandemic was one of the most prestigious among the countries of Eastern Europe outside the EU. Now citizens of Russia can not go abroad because the borders are closed until August 1. Seriously "depreciated" and the passport of Ukraine, which, unlike Georgia and Albania were not included in the EU list and temporarily lost the opportunity of visa-free entry from 27 countries.

"As we have already seen, the effects of the pandemic on freedom of movement were more severe and prolonged than initially anticipated. A recent decision by the EU indicates that there will be even greater turmoil", – said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of H&P, Dr. Christian Kaelin.

Without temporary restrictions imposed in connection with the pandemic, the index continues to be led by Japan, a passport which ensures free entrance to all 191 countries of the world. On the second line is located the passport of Singapore (190), and the third place is shared by Germany and South Korea (189).