the Village of pivovarikha, located just 30 kilometers from Irkutsk, does not small: population of more than four thousand people. Guarding their health – paramedic Anna M. Dmitrieva.

Her working day starts at six in the morning, sometimes earlier. In the period of self-isolation to field gear Anna added a few sets of disposable personal protective equipment: gowns, caps, masks, Shoe covers, gloves. Almost four months of FAP was closed, but the paramedic remained on the phone.

“basically, I go on calls to patients complaining of symptoms of SARS, she said. Before the door, was wearing all the protection. Watched, questioned, measured temperature, listened. If you suspect coronavirus immediately called to the district hospital. There came experts took swabs, as hospitalized. It is also an experience. And the main symptom, according to my observations that distinguish this virus from SARS – loss of smell. Nearly 100 percent of diagnosed COVID-19”.

– Not afraid to get infected? – I ask.

– What do you mean “scary”? – shrugs it shoulders. – A job. I chose her herself. Infection need not be afraid, and protective measures to follow. The algorithm is clear: from the house of sick leave, everything will take and in a special yellow bag. Hands alcohol will process and go further. Almost 30 people that I first examined the coronavirus was confirmed.

And scared she was when at the age of 21 had to take delivery at home. “I just froze with fear for a few minutes, – says paramedic. – And then got together and did everything in med school is taught. Now my “first-born” for more than 20 years.”

Pivovarova on the first day of the official opening of the Station after the downtime due to pandemic COVID-19, even a small place created in the corridor. But with observance of security measures: everyone was in masks and stood at a distance of five feet from each other.

“Yes, I have each of them once a month sometimes or even more often. These are my regular patients, the dispensary observation – smiling nurse. – Hypertension, ischemic heart disease, diabetes. The status of all stable, it’s just they miss communication. For them coming to me – out into the light.”

the Need to communicate with Dr. Anna M. for his players completely covers every talk heart to heart, advise. Unlike doctors, leading reception on the clock, it can afford to talk to everyone as much as you need. Those who are waiting for the queue are understanding – that, in fact, came.

“I’m not going and watching, gently said Anna Mikhaylovna. – The pressure to measure, listen to heart. Always ask how regularly taken prescribed pills. Some strictly have to speak. These lcarstva say you need bread. Here bread can not eat and take the pill – sure, it is vital. Sometimes the patient will go, and my arm stretches to the phone – ambulance dial. Although in such cases, I often let the house call. Mobile all is.”

Tired out smartphone Anna Dmitrieva can stressanti and night and at the weekends and his mistress on vacation. She always picks up the phone.

“I don’t mind, advise, – it disarms my colleagues, prompting her to turn off the alarm after hours. – I can’t turn it off. And all of a sudden except me and to help anyone? Even if an ambulance need to call, my call will come faster, Manager intelligibly explain, what’s the problem”.

Early in the morning together with husband and son (both working in the garage CRB) the paramedic rides in Dzerzhinsk. There, Anna M., conducting daily pre-trip medical examination of drivers. Then her ride to FAP. And though she arrives half an hour before the opening, the door may well be a visitor. But he will have to wait a bit. First – kvartsevanie Cabinet. It’s the law.

– here Before lunch take – says the paramedic. – After the lunch – bag on the shoulder and calls. Total average daily ten people come, and five or six visit itself.

– Not before lunch, she accepts, and until the last grannies – reports Lyudmila, cleaner FAP and the only slave Anna. Yet not all will listen, for lunch are closed. So often the case.

the length of the section of the paramedic Dmitrieva – 11 kilometers. All of pivovarikha and poselok Pervomayskaya. Taxis here do not go, and blue carrying case country doctor pulls ten pounds. In it all the necessary emergency drugs, dressing tools, disinfectors, blood pressure. On top of this stuff Anna M. puts a wooden pipe in the movies about doctors. This fetal stethoscope. And went. Light of foot, brittle and tanned at any time of the year.

When you enter the FAPs, which occupies a wing in the building of the local administration, like going back in time 30 years ago. Reception, vaccination, treatment room, solid wood doors, information stands. Not so small economy of one paramedic, Anna Dmitrieva.

“we used to have a pediatrician in FAP worked, now transferred this rate to the clinic in the nearby village of Dzerzhinsk. So that is where kids carry – explains Anna M. the emptiness of the apartment. – A vaccine I put. But if extra child appeal, of course, accept.”

Accepts a paramedic in the study: along the walls are shelves with medical cards (some very plump), a window seat, Desk, couple of chairs. On the contrary, behind the screen of gynecol��strategic chair, the survivors seem to be from the Soviet era.

In the far corner of the table stood a computer monitor. “The Internet yet, – explains the doctor. – And cards here they are – at hand”.

Connection to the Internet will soon take place, the cable is already spent, and the ceiling flaunts modem provider. Anna Mikhailovna, and her colleagues from the medical centres of the Irkutsk region, is waiting for connections.

“Then we can go to the internal network of the Central regional hospital. Will have the opportunity and the regulatory documentation in a timely manner to see, and is very important! – see the history of the illness of his patient. It is important for us to track the dynamics, and my grandmother did remember, what was the blood sugar or hemoglobin a month ago?”.

Anna Mikhaylovna in pivovarihe love and respect.

– it Literate and sensitive, so says his doctor retired Vera. – I sanguila, called Anna. She came, just listened to heart and said – urgently go to the hospital. We have something in the item, even an ECG will not make a paramedic all at the hearing determines. And right here was – cardiogram showed a serious problem.

– It is without an x-ray sees right through us, – adds Natalia conversation, another visitor to FAP. -Today is the first time I came to it – what sort of vessel in her eye burst. I think I’ll see Anna. And it and pressure checked, and referral to ophthalmologist gave to be commanded. Asked: “And in the tilt of what did you do?”. Well, like what? The grass weeded! Nothing from her hide. So I went slowly home to lie down. And tomorrow is the CRB will be sent.

– If the person chose a profession at heart, and in spite of any difficulties – philosophizes Vera. To us it is lucky.

Anna Danilova, chief doctor of the Irkutsk Central regional hospital

– In the Irkutsk district 49 health posts. Of them work, unfortunately, only 37. Not enough personnel.

But the question is solved: signed a contract with basic medical College of the students passing practice on our bases, participate in career fairs. And such a wonderful, caring and competent professionals like Anna M. Dmitrieva become an example for young people. How much I respect and appreciate her in the village – not every venerable doctor may boast that attitude of his countrymen.

Alexander Seledtsov, head of health development, Ministry of health of Irkutsk region

– Providing first-aid, primary health care in rural areas – a very important segment of health care. Therefore, all 676 feldsher-midwife stations in the Irkutsk region, resumed operation in the usual way and in compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

Already, a program of modernization of primary health care in Irkutsk region, within which��Oh are provided and the reconstruction of existing and construction of new health posts. This program will be submitted for approval to the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation in 2021.

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