As you know, one of the main factors of cancer risk is genetic predisposition. The risk of cancer increases if the disease has been identified in close relatives.

So, due to mutations in the gene CDH1 risk of developing cancer during the lifetime is 67% in men and 83% in women. The average age at which patients are diagnosed with the disease, is 38-40 years, and varies from 14 to 85 years.

Therefore, people in the family which were cases of development of cancer, we should take the genetic test for mutation in the CDH1 gene. As noted by the employee of FEDERAL state budgetary institution “Russian cancer research center them. N. N. Blokhin” the oncologist and the endoscopist Ivan Karasev, the test marker CDH-1 will help to prevent the emergence of malignant tumors, and to select appropriate treatment if the mutation has already occurred.

Among the main symptoms of stomach cancer: pain in the abdomen, bloating after eating, heartburn, regular indigestion, inexplicable weight loss, problems with poor appetite.