The oncologist called nonsense safety from COVID-19 while Smoking

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Head of Department of preventive maintenance of oncological scientific center named. N. N. Blokhin Vladimir Levshin denied no harm from the coronavirus for smokers.

According to him, now popping up fakes that supposedly Smoking protects against coronavirus. “This, of course, nonsense,” – said the expert radio Sputnik.

He stressed that Smoking does not protect against coronavirus, but on the contrary, aggravates the course of infection by those diseases, which have smokers.

the Oncologist stated that “any person who smokes five or six years, at least, has chronic bronchitis”, causing a risk of pneumonia increases several times.

At the same time Levshin noted that the pandemic began not so long ago, and all the information about COVID-19 and connection with Smoking scientists yet.

Smokers suffer heavier COVID-19 – the Ministry of health

the world health organization called on (who) previously recommended that to stop Smoking and alcohol consumption.

In turn, Minister of health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko said that COVID-19 can flow heavier in people who consume alcohol and cigarettes.

For the last day was 1667 confirmed cases COVID-19 in 49 regions of Russia. The country today recorded 13 584 cases in 82 regions issued – 1045 people died in 106 patients.

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