the Old mansion of 1897 construction in the U.S. city of Berkeley decided to demolish and build in its place a new building, designed with 37 apartments. To save the house from destruction, it rolled on wheels and moved to another location a few blocks. Berkeleyside writes about it.

the Work involved in the company Everest Properties. The mansion was placed on a special platform and moved to a new location. For the transportation process needed the participation of other organizations, which controlled the traffic during the trip, as well as the state utilities and power lines. Now 123-year-old building will be restored.

a Characteristic feature of the building is the lining of the brown tiles is the only dominant style in local architecture. It is called the first tradition of the Bay of San Francisco.

These houses began to appear here in the days when Berkeley was actively growing. This contributed to a land magnate Francis Kittredge Shattuck, who convinced the authorities to carry out here a branch railway. Its heyday the style reached in the years 1910-1960.