a globally new type of coronavirus has infected more than 5 million people, from details the American Johns Hopkins University. Disease COVID-19 recorded in 188 countries. Cured from it more than 1.7 million people, died almost 324 000 infected people.

most cases of coronavirus infection identified in the United States — over 1.5 million people. There are more total deaths of patients with coronavirus — almost 92 000 people.

In second place by the number of identified cases of infection — Russia, where the coronavirus found in almost 309 000 people died and more than 3,000 infected patients.

the top Three incidence COVID-19 closes Brazil with almost 272 000 patients. On the fourth and fifth lines — United Kingdom (250 000 infected) and Spain (232 000).

top 5 countries by number of deaths, except the United States, are the United Kingdom (about 35 500 victims COVID-19), Italy (32,000), France (28 000) and Spain (almost 28,000).

a pandemic of a new type of coronavirus, outbreak which was recorded in China in December, 2019., the who announced on March 11. At that time, the world was more than 118,000 cases of infection.