Novosibirsk Museum of local lore became the participant of the program of guardianship over the animals of the zoo named after R. A. awl. This year the Museum will help the zoo to maintain a family of red wolves – a mother and her six cubs.

“this year the Novosibirsk regional Museum celebrates its anniversary – 100 years since the Foundation. And is not only an occasion to give and receive gifts, but to do good deeds,” – said the press service of the Museum.

Museum officials decided that in this difficult time should not be overlooked by those who are particularly in need of help and support. Including animals of the Novosibirsk zoo, which is so loved by the city’s residents and residents of the nearby regions. Because of the restrictive measures coronavirus zoo does not work March 28 and, accordingly, its revenues fell.

the zoo said that the cubs have red wolves born 17 March 2020 – four males and two females. “Their diet consists mainly of meat products. Daily for an adult wolf takes 800-900 grams of meat. The cubs now have too give meat – 300-350 grams per day. Cubs grow very quickly, and as growth increases their appetite,” – said the zoo staff about the new tenants.

help “RG”

Red wolves – an exemplary family man. Pair they keep for life. The pack hunts and brings up the offspring together. Unlike gray wolves, with the spoils red wolves give priority to the pups, letting them eat first. Today this species in the wild is very rare. The red wolf lives in the mountain forests of Central, South and South-East Asia. He is listed in the International Red book, Red book of the Russian Federation, in Appendix II of the Convention on international trade.