As you know, Anita Tsoy for some time in the hospital. The singer was diagnosed with coronavirus.

Previously Anita wondered where she could pick up a dangerous infection if I obey all the rules of the regime of self-isolation.

And then, finally, the news broke about the status of the artist.

“Not ashamed to lie?” Infected with coronavirus Anita Choi was accused of lying

Anita, in a good mood and the wreath of daisies happily told subscribers that she had a negative test result, this means that the disease is defeated and soon it will be possible to go home.

As reported by “the Rambler”, Anita Tsoi joined the list of stars who become ill with mers.

The actress admits that still doesn’t know where he picked up an infection. Three months of isolation she spent in the family circle and tried not to leave the house.

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