In August 2020, the number of owners wishing to rent out their apartments in Moscow to rent, has increased by half compared to last year. The rental value in the Metropolitan area remained virtually unchanged, according to the materials of the Agency “MIEL”, arrived in edition “”.

the proposal in the rental market of Moscow and Moscow region is growing, demand has not recovered, say realtors. In the first half of 2020, the number of rental transactions decreased by approximately 35 percent, they estimated. The part of the employers left the capital in connection with the pandemic and has not yet returned. Remain free many objects.

However, according to “MIEL”, the reduction in demand and increase in supply has not had a major impact on rents — in fact, the Muscovites refused visitors to discounts on accommodation. Very few owners are willing 10-15 percent to reduce the cost of hiring.

“the Landlords, despite the crisis trends, not ready to cross a psychological threshold of expectations, and many of them agree did give some time to donate their facilities than to put my condo on the market at a cost below that which they would like to have,” conclude the experts.

Earlier in June, it became known that citizens who rent housing in Moscow, after the removal of the regime of self-isolation began to actively look for rental rooms. They are forced to abandon separate apartments due to lack of funds.