the New educational program will offer a reading of children’s literature, dialogues with children, educational series. And from 30 may to 1 June, the Day of children’s theatre will launch a three-day marathon devoted to the children and all of their permanent online projects, and currently in the repertoire of MGT of ten.

“This spring we all had a hard time but, perhaps, the hardest thing is to sit at home for children, – says artistic Director of the theatre Sergey Bezrukov. – Will be happy if will help children and parents to spend time with advantage and discover something new. I enjoy reading video children’s work and placed in social networks. We in the Provincial theatre is always pleased to work for the children in our poster 13 productions for family viewing, not every “adult” theater can boast such a number of children’s plays. Autumn from 17 October to 8 November for the third time we will hold a Large international Children’s festival, on which work is continuing now, during the quarantine. This multi-genre festival: it showcases not only theatre, but also the best films and animated films, puppet shows, musicals, circus and ice shows. The poster of the festival presents the best that has been made for children during the half year.”

the Closest the “Baby marathon” on the canal theater on YouTube, on social networks of the Provincial theatre and on the theatre’s website.

30 may, Saturday

15.00 – “Quarantine fiction”, a program dedicated to the author of the adventures of Cipollino Gianni Rodari, for the hundredth anniversary of Italian writer. At the core of the issue – the series “fairy Tales by phone”.

20.00 campfire Songs. Alexander Tyutin

31 may, Sunday

12.00 “Baby time”. Read family Habarovyh – Anton and Elena Habarovym along with daughter Alina. S. Kozlov, “We’ll come and breathe”

15.00 “Baby time” with Galina Bokashevskaya. K. Chukovsky “Moidodyr”

21.00 MGT KIDSnews – traditional Sunday news release MGT news also will be devoted entirely to the subject of children.

June 1, Monday

12.00 the special edition of the program “MGT-workshops” – children

15.00 Stegomyia children. Sergey Bezrukov and actors MGT will read poems for children in the program – Korney Chukovsky, Daniil Kharms, Marina Tsvetaeva, Oleg Grigoriev, Elena Blaginina, Emma Moshkovskaya.

20.00 complete the “children’s marathon” a musical gift from the Governor’s orchestra in the program “MGT music”.