German actress, TV presenter and former supermodel Heidi Klum sunbathed naked in isolation and showed the process fans in social networks. The series of images appeared in her Instagram account.

posted black-and-white footage of a celebrity lies beneath the umbrella on his home territory. Klum posing in jewelry and no clothes, while her exposed parts of the body covered with a towel.

fans of the admired appearance a 46-year-old supermodel. “You look great”, “Sexy!”, “Heidi, you have a perfect body”, “Hot!”, “Incredibly beautiful,” they commented on a post with thousands of likes, 143.

Earlier in may, Heidi Klum has revealed the secret of his youth. In an interview with the TV presenter admitted that they regularly wash the face baby shampoo cost of 1.5 pound (130 rubles). According to her, it moisturizes the skin and has no harm to the eyes. She also uses creams with a SPF (Sun Protection Factor — “sun protection factor”).