The teenage daughter of actor Mikhail Efremov Faith scared followers on social networks by posting a video with the words I finished my favourite show. About it writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

As reported in the Rambler, June 8 car Yefremov, who was in a condition of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication, crashed into a van whose driver Sergey Zakharov died. The actor is under house arrest and regularly goes to meetings of the court, to it threatens till 12 years of prison.

According to the newspaper, found an online diary of 16-year-old daughter of the artist, in the middle of July when the investigation into his father was over, Faith had made the record that her followers have deciphered as a farewell.

They encouraged the girl not to do anything irreparable, Recalling that she “hasn’t had “the Purple monster”, is not danced at his wedding, not listening to all the music of the world” that “will be released so many movies and TV shows that she will not see.”

Support helped the girl to survive disruption, as in a few hours, she wrote to his followers: “You saved my life,” the newspaper said.

Faith in the diary also complained of a difficult relationship with her mother, Sophia Kruglikova. She wrote that “all around there is a guy or a girl, and she has a nicotine addiction, and abusive, mother.”

“the Last four days, surviving on tea and chocolate, because I can’t stand another second next to her mother. And every time you get up, just pass out,” said Faith.

Speaking about the father, the daughter of actor stressed that everything is bad, but “he has become kinder”.