“Another topic that interests many – we are talking about the visa after the lifting of restrictions on entry into Russia… currently the issuing of visas in Russian consulates temporarily suspended, as you know, on the basis of the order of the government dated 16 March 2020. Upon the resumption of diplomatic missions in visa application foreign citizens will be given the opportunity to issue visas without consular fees and charges in respect of the reimbursement of actual costs”, – said Zakharov on the briefing.

According to her, to this service will be possible if three conditions are met. First: the passport of the applicant affixed an unused single-entry or double-entry visa, the period which starts not earlier than 15 March of the current year. Second, the claimant submitted documents, which are the basis for the visa the same, or a smaller expansion to the new term. Third, the validity of the issued visa will expire within six months after the recognition of the orders of the government of the Russian Federation from March 16, 2020 invalid.