“At the moment the price of the mask is stabilized, therefore, from 16 July 2020 on behalf of the government of the Russian Federation the Antimonopoly office stopped monitoring the prices of medical masks in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia continues to monitor the market situation and, in the case of signs of violation of the Antimonopoly legislation, takes the necessary measures”, – reported in a press-service of the Ministry.

As previously reported, beginning in February 2020, the FAS Russia and its territorial control on behalf of the government conducted daily monitoring of prices and availability of medical masks in all the subjects. The reason for the start of monitoring were cases of overpricing of medical masks and their deficit that was caused by the spread of coronavirus infection and, as a consequence, the excess demand for this product.

According to the trade Ministry in April, protective disposable masks the national average were sold for 50-55 rubles apiece, now domestic the mask can be bought for 13 to 18 rubles.

“If violations of the Antimonopoly legislation on the part of manufacturers, wholesalers or pharmacies to such organizations used measures of Antimonopoly response,” – said the FAS.

the Ministry stressed that despite the abolition of the daily “mask control”, the FAS continues to monitor retail prices of food products in retail chains on a daily basis (except weekends) and continues monthly monitoring wholesale prices of agricultural and food products and weekly monitoring of the prices of petroleum products.

As previously reported, “RG”, Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov noted a significant weakening of the demand for medical masks, in connection with a reduction in the spread of coronavirus.

According to the Agency, in the context of pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 Russians on average have gained about 3.5 million masks a day in pharmacies and shops, and a few million products daily consumed health care system and other organizations (MVD, border guards, trade).