In Severomorsk on July 26, after a naval parade of the Northern fleet will be represented by 14 dynamic scenes. Will be contested pageant, and the ships will perform different elements of combat exercises.

As reported in the press service of the Northern fleet, the base minesweepers will demonstrate the element of mine action to ensure the deployment of the strike forces of the fleet posting method for trawls. Then the crews of diesel-electric submarine “Kaluga” and the atomic submarine “Pskov” in the eyes of the audience will perform a dive into the water. After a while they will fulfill the element of ascent.

One of the brightest episodes of the festival will be the battle for the landing of Marines on the coast with air support. There will be involved a large landing ship “Kondopoga” and boats.

And will open the festival on the water shots of artillery firing large anti-submarine ship “Severomorsk”. By the way, today he is in combat training ranges in the Barents sea performed anti-aircraft fire as part of the teachings by the actions of a single ship at sea.

Practical episode worked calculations anti-aircraft missile complex “Dagger”, which released rockets at simulated aerial targets.