In China’s Hunan province the man died from blood loss two weeks after he had his wisdom teeth removed. This publication reports The Sun.

the 26-year-old Liu Guofang lost a wisdom tooth may 25. Five days later, he went to a Chinese online forum Zhihu and told me that the last time without stopping the bleeding. The story he was accompanied by frightening images of napkins and handkerchiefs, completely soaked with blood. After discussing the issue with Internet users, he went to the hospital.

According to his sister Liu Huan, despite the trip to the medical center, the gums kept bleeding. 4 Jun Govani was hospitalized and the next day transferred to the ICU. The doctors were unable to save the patient, on 9 June he died. According to the medical records, the death occurred as a result of sepsis and transtentorial herniation caused by intracerebral hemorrhage.

“He even joked: “I’m so much bleeding that I will die soon. Don’t forget to pay for my mortgage, when I’m gone”,” recalls Liu Huan. Sister claims that medics to the last did not take the complaint of her brother seriously. While the medical records indicate that Giani suffered from elevated levels of leukocytes and temperature — the symptoms of infection.

another report States that, most likely, Govani was acute myeloid leukemia. Because of the cancer, the patient becomes more susceptible to infections. In case of delay in treatment, death occurs in just a few weeks.

Liu Huan noted that her brother’s body was cremated the day after death and the ashes were taken to his home in Hubei province. For this reason, experts are unable to conduct testing to confirm or refute the deceased leukemia. “We believe that all the fault of the hospital, says sister Giani. My brother notified the dentist about his condition, but he did not take him seriously. As a result, my brother missed his chance to get proper treatment.”

the Hospital that treated Govani, declined to comment. In case there is an investigation.

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