Namtar of Antigal, a former member of “the battle of psychics” and “the Last hero”, positioning themselves as a black magician, lost process in Savelovsky district court of the capital, writes Т

The sorcerer has filed a suit about protection of honor, dignity and business reputation of the Director, Boris Sobolev.

Sobolev took a series exposing workers occult services.

The members of the crew ordered Antigas work – you need to find the man, the legend – the owner of a certain apartment.

For rituals the sorcerer suggested a photograph of Sobolev.

Namtar said that the person depicted in the picture, no longer alive, he died a violent death.

Then came Sobolev, quite lively and healthy.

Antigal demanded that the series removed from public access – the survey was conducted without his consent, many claim he had to the installation dialogues.

But the law secret video in some cases is allowed, including when it is conducted to protect public interests.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, a participant of the 16th season of “Battle of psychics” and “survivor” on channel TV-3 Namtar of Antigal complained about the blackmail in social networks.