this week, schools had to ring the last bell. Before we learned: it will be held online, prom canceled, and before the exam for another month… if all goes according to plan.

a mother and daughter’s classmates wrote in Facebook: “Many graduates are very hard to survive that they have lost their last call, graduation, the last school days. School attendance is suddenly stopped, it stopped, not ended. And never in their life will not resume. They say many of roar for days on end, suffering preparing for the exam, you guys just can’t find the resources, mental strength. Somehow this little speaker, but, in my opinion, the graduates were very vulnerable today. What to do with it, don’t know.”

really. We have in our life are events or situations that we would have lived, they have in the past, sometimes quite far, but remember about them, so welling in his eyes or the heart aches. So we have closed that page of our life, and there remains naberezhaya our emotions. The school desperately tried to do something…

– the Last call bell online on Friday. We will host the virtual ruler, – said the Deputy Director of one of schools of Ekaterinburg. – Students will watch the stream from the school yard. First will be the presentation of an appeal to the graduates, the Deputy Director for academic activities read the order on the admission to the final certification, and then to the graduates turn cool heads.

In our school without online officialdom. Mounted the film, which is posted on the school website on Monday. Children in the chat agreed that “coming” on last call in their pajamas, they thought: this is cool and fun. They watched and cried. I did not look, went away.

– the children need to talk is the important thing. – says chief freelance specialist in psychotherapy of the Ministry of health of the Sverdlovsk region, the head of the Sverdlovsk regional clinic of neurosises “the Pine forest” Michael Perczel. – They need your compassion and patience. It is necessary gradually to bring the teenager to the recognition of a situation, to understanding that the cancellation of the prom, and last call – this is not someone’s arbitrary, but an objective necessity. To explain: in life, sometimes it so happens that circumstances are stronger than us. And such situations will arise again and again, and each time it will have to adapt, albeit difficult to find, but the best solution.

last year, as always, the main clever cookies Yekaterinburg – medalists, stabulnieku, winners of Olympiads, the winners of the creative competitions were presented awards in the “Cosmos,” spoke the compliments and commended. Nastia Predelnoi, famous all over the country is unthinkable 400 points, and two graduates scored 200, presented certificates to travel anywhere in the world.

Now the certificates will be given to all in the middle of June, without waiting for the exam. Without the pump, tete-a-tete with the Director and, perhaps, proximity.

– For a certificate every graduate will come on the appointed time, – said the Director of one of the schools. – Of course, commit them to compliance with sanitary standards. And after the ceremony, graduates will exit the school through the back door.

Earlier I said “… to the timeless waltz”. But waltz is also a no – no city graduation, nor separate for each class. Although adults are ready on everything that though as-that to please their “adult children”.

the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev on the page in Instagram wrote what is, how difficult it was for students to adjust to distance learning and how difficult it is now to prepare for admission to universities. Yes, the exhaust can pass only in online form, the recognized head of the region.

– Now schools offer different formats of organizing the festival. Some people collect video greetings from the teachers, the other train flash mobs with placing photos of graduates in social networks. Got the idea online concert with participation of popular musicians. Invite all alumni to connect: write, how to organize a holiday, and my teachers will think about how you can implement your wishes – addressed to the young Governor.

In fact, the seniors are tired. A marathon with an unknown mileage and changing route is only for experienced athletes, but they’re just students: they are behind two months of distance learning, and ahead of long month of self-preparation for the exams. Teachers go on vacation. Tutors many parents have no money. How not to burn out where to get the power for the last spurt?

– we Need to recognize that you have to gather strength. But without jerks, but gradually, so it’s good that you guys have time, – says Mikhail Perczel. – Parents can help them remember the goal, to recognize which has the resources to achieve them. And then develop a clear plan and try to follow it. It is not necessary to offer the teenager any kind of medication that “calms the nerves,” Mama, especially not to escalate the tension. Stress is useful and even necessary for the body, but only in small doses and dangerous in large. To determine when the dose is exceeded, can only specialist. Don’t be afraid to address him, if you understand that not cope on their own.

– And I’m glad prom was canceled, with a smile, says another classmate’s daughter. Ten thousand at the restaurant for two, dress, hair, shoes… Dad left, mom on the remote control for salary less than half. I have a photo album refused us money�� returned.

well, the opportunity to abandon the cost of prom for many families and really sweetened prescribed circumstances the pill. But to return made a few months ago the money is not all.

– We decided on the organizer and made a payment in November, says the mother of the graduate-the student Olesya Taranzeva. But the money is not returned, they say, they invested in the costumes and props for the event.

– the Customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract of compensated rendering of services, but only under condition of payment to the contractor of costs that he actually incurred in connection with the performance of the contract (articles 781 and 782 of the RF Civil code), says attorney Kaspirovich. You must provide financial documents confirming the costs of execution of the contract, and the difference between the amount received and the amount actually spent on the execution of your contract to return. Suggest to include in your requirement the exact details by which the contractor must return the money to you and (or) to provide a documentary record of the costs. Also, you should specify the period of refund – it needs to be reasonable. If by this deadline will not fit, you shall be entitled to recover from him interest on the grounds of article 395 of the civil code.

Another situation: the performer seems to be ready to terminate the contract, but he had no money. Offers to return at the end of the year. How to be in this case?

– you Can compile and sign an agreement to return the money in stipulated time, explains Andrew Kaspirovich. – But you have to understand that the way you enter into with the contractor a new deal and give him “odds” to the end of the year. If you don’t want to freely lend to the performer on such big term, it is better not to sign the agreement.

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