Users to remember life before the pandemic coronavirus.

On the topic of how life has changed in the quarantine already had a lot of jokes and memes. I can’t believe just a few months ago we could walk freely, to gather in large groups, going to concerts, travelling and not to wear masks, not to calculate a safe distance and even touch door handles and other items with bare hands.

In mid-may on the BBC Twitter page there was a post with articles and pictures telling about the events that in the modern realities it is difficult to imagine. This post was supplemented with the hashtag #lastnormalphoto (#of Poslenebesnogo). In the comments of BBC journalists urged users to share their latest “to quarantine” images. So was born the new flash mob.

From visiting relatives, to a day at the football, the last school run or a meal out with a partner

What was your #LastNormalPhoto before the pandemic changed how we live?

The last ‘normal’ photo on my phone from before lockdown – a group swim on 9 March. #LastNormalPhoto


Last normal photo at public health conference before lockdown. 12th March #lastnormalphoto

This is the #lastnormalphoto on my phone. My son about to go and cheer on his school team in the Senior Cup, before it was cancelled, before his leaving Cert was cancelled, his graduation & longed for trip to Magaluf. But we are all safe and sound. It’s all good. ❤ it’s amazing

Last normal trip, traveling to AU and attended two #QAL #queen concerts in Feb. Few days after returning home we got the 1st US #COVID death in our city. Pic from Olympic Stadium in Sydney.

This was at the end of February in Budapest at the Szechenyi Baths. God, I can’t even imagine 100’s of people floating about together now #lastnormalphoto

some of the #lastnormalphoto on my phone from when I was in new york for my book launch—which was canceled (quite rightly so). god I miss normal life

#lastnormalphoto from a crowded square in Madrid, just before it became a ghost town. Taken March 8.

My #LastNormalPhoto was a concert in Fundación Zaldumbide Rosales.


My #lastnormalphoto from March 7th. A friend said that night, “it feels like we’re living in the Before Times.”

My #lastnormalphoto was the sunrise out the plane window after I landed from Vegas. I miss life.

Catherine Gura

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