Reducing the size of the PlayStation 5 radiator of the new revision does not actually affect its performance. This is reported by the Eurogamer publication.

Digital Foundry specialists analyzed the new revision of the PlayStation 5 console, which went on sale in August. The authors studied the video of blogger Austin Evans, who was the first to say that the new version of the console differs from the old one with a more compact radiator and in this regard allegedly copes with cooling worse. Evans noticed that the console began to heat up more, although the noise from the fans decreased.

The authors disputed the blogger’s conclusions. They noticed that based on the data on the console temperature increased by several degrees, it is impossible to draw conclusions about the disadvantages or advantages of the device. Also, experts noticed that in the video of Evans, the console of the new revision made less noise, which seems strange, since the console became more heated.

According to Digital Foundry experts, the new set-top box can work quieter with slightly higher heating. This can be explained by the fact that Sony engineers have optimized the cooling system: “A smaller radiator based on materials with lower overall thermal conductivity has been redesigned in such a way as to make it more efficient.”

In conclusion, the journalists noted that they plan to study in detail the PS5 console of the new revision and make a detailed comparison with the console of the original version.

A new revision of the PlayStation 5 appeared on sale at the end of the summer. The updated model differs from the one that went on sale in November by a reduced weight of 300 grams and the presence of a new screw with which the device is attached to the stand.