The mentally vulnerable are hit hard in these coronatider. The 31-year-old Kia H. Hansen from Aarhus suffer from anxiety and post-traumatic stress, and she has come down in a deep hole since the outbreak of the coronavirussen.

Before the crisis was her mental health stable. Now she has it so bad that she fears being hospitalized and even losing his ability to work.

“My mental health has gone from being stable, that I need so much medication, that I am tired all the time. However, I can’t sleep at night, I can lie awake for three hours. The carpet is torn completely out from under me. I do really not about that I’m on so much medication,” says Kia H., Hansen B. T. over the phone.

In the last week cried Kia three days in a row nonstop. She couldn’t be in it. Now she is taking 25 percent more medicines than before. Just to be able to function and get up in the morning.

Uncertainty is the biggest triggers for Kias post-traumatic stress disorder, known by the acronym PTSD, and therefore is the Kia really hit hard for the time being. This is because the whole world does not know what is going to happen in the morning, and that Kia does not know what is the requirements and the expectations to her.

the Requirements and expectations that she needs in her daily life to combat his mental illness. As if this was not enough, so is her treatment is also worse, as it now must be done online.

Kia also suffer from physical chronic pain, that makes, that she is afraid to stand in line, if she moves down to act, as she can only stand up in a short period of time. It aggravates Kias PTSD, as she will feel extra insecure and nervous to move out.

Her condition is so bad right now, that she fears for the future:

“I will not exclude that I can be so bad that I can be hospitalized. I can be so bad that I do not work in the labour market for it here. If I was going to meet up on an internship today, so I would not be able to do it. I fear losing my ability to work. I don’t know how I come upstairs again,” says Kia H. Hansen.

Kia is not the only one with mental health challenges, if the situation has been exacerbated the last few weeks.

It tells Torsten Bjørn Jacobsen, who is the chairman of the Psykiatrifonden and chief physician at a almenpsykiatrisk section at Rigshospitalet in copenhagen:

“Many are in Kias situation, and we need to address, the longer the crisis lasts. It can not be said enough.”

“the Situation of the mentally vulnerable is very serious. As for the rest of the society. But the stress and strain, as the mental hit is exposed to, can lead to you being seriously ill. The structure of their daily lives is hugely important. But it is a structure, they do not have right now,” says Torsten Bjørn Jacobsen.

By Psykiatrifonden is experiencing an increase of inquiries over the phone. The past month there has been a doubling in the number of inquiries. A little more than a quarter of our messages is related to corona-the situation. It will say anxiety or worsening of anxiety symptoms, loneliness, fear, uncertainty.

Torben Bjørn Jaconsen is, however, most concerned about, who they receive calls from:

“What worries us the most is that it is increasingly the relatives, who are calling in. It means that there is someone out there who did not manage to shout sounding the alarm.”

Kia H. Hansen feels that the mental hard-hit has been forgotten in the measures which the government have made so far:

“The only thing you have done is to suspend all treatment, since it is not essential. What is there for me, which is so vulnerable? Who can I call and reach out to? There is no place. I’m probably not the only mentally vulnerable who are hit. There is also someone who is harder hit than me.”

B. T. have tried to get a comment from the ministry of Health, but they are not yet returned.

the senior Physician Torsten Bjørn Jacobsen recommends that persons who are mentally hard hit at home in living rooms, attempting to break their isolation by, for example, to use social media, so you can talk with the people you depend on.