time for an inconvenient truth: The times in which I would have me a Sugar Daddy fishing, are over now really. With a Sugar Daddy, I mean a wealthy, much older Lord, the me in exchange for sexual favors, and my company comes financially.

Not the dreaded Cash, but with gifts, trips, and sponsor me if you so wish.

What I want, I don’t buy myself

That I will never be a Sugar Baby, is just the fact that the term usually refers to very young women and I can’t identify with my sweet 41 with this designation, the best of intentions.

It is mainly due to the fact that I am proud of my financial independence and a feminist on top of that, me and my left leg would be cut off, to leave me of a man can endure. What I want, I buy myself.

tip setting, I think, however, counterproductive for a career as a Sugar Babe. Where I condemn my position to anyone, on the contrary. If you feel like the Deal should be so happy, my blessing is included.

relationship model: Sugaring

Back to the concept of this relationship model, also Sugaring is called. And I mean relationship not a loving partnership. Rather, a kind of long-term business Agreements with Both equally give and take.

Exciting Sex Dates against the Monolith Boots of Prada and occasional lunch in Borchardt – why not?

you don’t want to Be a Sugar Daddy, but you know, how do you All do that? Finally, you can have the fleets Sparkassen-Azubine just at the switch of a corresponding offer. Let me focus on the most important issues on the subject of

discuss Why I should get involved with me as a man, even if it’s just my money?

are you looking for erotic hours with a hot Girl or a charming travel companion for your next Trip to Ibiza and you are aware of the fact that the common time is limited, try it.

however, If you are in search of a partner for life, you should forget the Sugar-Daddy Lifestyle quickly. Sugar babies want a partnership and in General, anything other than a reputable. You to have a good time and coal for things you cannot afford (yet).

you Can keep up with your Sugar Babe?

the point of the Sugar Daddy-Sugar Babe relationships makes it so appealing, has its pitfalls. Of course, a young woman is beautiful, charming with this energy that is lost to many when you get Older. To decorate with a Sugar Babe, it can also provide for recognition. Or for ridicule.

And: By the youth, the playmate is aware of some their own age. Because you have no desire on the third night of partying in one week. Because you feel sexually overwhelmed. Or because your lover is only a little older than their own children. Heard it all before. Do you feel caught? Then you make it better.

Are Sugar relationships are not a Form of Prostitution?

It is indeed a fine line between Sugaring and Prostitution. But it is not in Many of these agreements explicitly about Sex, but a way of being together that can end up in the bed, but not a must.

Because the connection is similar to the outside also often a normal relationship, and at the end of the bundle of banknotes on the bedside table, but the Edge Sunglasses from Céline and a loving Good-Morning-scrawled greeting on a Post-It, to blur the boundaries between what is legal and what is illegal.

What is it to be considered otherwise?

Make the lady understand, what is it with you. What to give you are ready and what you expect in return. Open communication is also the Sugaring is the best tactic so that it will be satisfactory to both sides.

Important in this context: no means no. Only, because you pay his Partner for the Sex, whether with money or in the Form of gifts, it does not mean that you have a right to erotic favors.

Fall of a Sugar-to-many relationship

the Prevention of you always with a condom. Not only because the partnership is not exclusive, and they protect only against sexually transmitted diseases.

But also, since they may come to stand as a non-binding planned erotic pleasure otherwise expensive. Because the well the greater the risk that your partner – oops – forgetting to take the pill and get pregnant will have, you are,.

another warning: do not, under any circumstances, the Sex of the lady’s movies and do not send dick pics on which they are to spot. Especially not if you are married. Something always backfires. Always.

Mimi Sex columnist for GQ, and GQ.de is Erhardt. Here you can learn more about the author.

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