So, storm warning announced in the Belgorod region. As reported in GU Ministry of emergency situations in the region, here, on 11 June, temperature grows up to 35 degrees. Residents of the area were advised not to leave the house, and on the streets to stay in the shade and drink more water.

In the Voronezh region will be even hotter: forecast on 11 and 12 June suggests that the temperature will rise to 37 degrees. The region installed the third class of fire danger, when most sources of fire leads to forest fires. And the situation continues to deteriorate.

“Fires an intense, allocate a huge amount of heat to spread quickly and create incremental small pockets. Fighting the fire in a given period is associated with specific challenges… And, of course, it is worth Recalling that most of the fires is the handiwork of man, intentional or not. Yes, on weekends, the patrols will leave the combined group, but it is impossible to patrol every kilometre. We are asking citizens to take responsibility”, – stressed in the regional emergency Department.

Rescuers also urged the Voronezh citizens to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages while swimming in reservoirs. Recalling that, on average, eight out of ten drowned and dies in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

“Absolutely wild stats. As a rule, such companies get as deep as possible into the wilds of nature, and when you miss one person to save someone later. The rescuers-the divers just have to find a dead body at the bottom of the river”, – said in the MOE.

However, the hot weather has already established in most regions of Central Russia, and in the coming days, the air warms up to 30-32 degrees. However, in some regions, this temperature will be accompanied by thunderstorms, gusty winds and hail. For example, residents of Kaluga region, warned that storms with gusts of wind up to 17 meters per second, places possible hail, reported in the EMERCOM in the region.

In the Tula region, according to GU Ministry of emergency situations, will continue heat up to 32 degrees, and city hall announced that the streets will distribute free drinking water. In the Ryazan region, inclement weather is not expected, however, the air will warm up to 26-31 degrees.

In the Yaroslavl region, on the contrary, predict some thunderstorms with heavy rain and hail, with gusts of storm winds can reach 15-17 meters per second.