In Kalmykia first patients, recovered from coronavirus, has passed the plasma with the antibodies COVID-19. It will be used in the treatment of other patients. But plasma is not a panacea.

Your opinion about how effectively such treatment, the correspondent “RG” was expressed by chief freelance infectious disease of the Republic, Deputy chief doctor on medical part “of the Republican center for specialized types of medical care,” Larissa Icenova.

“the Blood consists of a liquid part – plasma and components of electrolytes, platelets. This cellular structure is removed and only plasma, which contains proteins-antibodies in ready-made form that you can enter the patient. Must be the effect. But it is no panacea. Unfortunately, it’s not working so that has been poured into the plasma, and recovered. In my opinion, there are no quick positive effect from plasma transfusions the patient’s condition dramatically improves. Patients receive comprehensive treatment, and it may be only one component of therapy,” says Larisa Icenova.

According to her, the situation is complicated by the fact that, as recent research suggests that antibodies for COVID-19 a long time in the blood do not stick.

“the patient suffered a severe form of the coronavirus, they can persist for three months, and after a light forms a month. Therefore, it is difficult to say how many antibodies into the bloodstream of the patient during the transfusion and what effect they have. And after suffering if human infection is possible to speak about preservation of antibodies within three months, how long will they keep after vaccination? This question has not been studied. Great experience here, unfortunately”, – said the infectious disease.

According to the expert, for the treatment of coronavirus, various schemes, and in the end helps the most is hard to say. In Russia, the treatment is according to Russian guidelines.

– for Example, the recommended malarial drugs and drugs that act on the immune system in severe forms of the disease. They suppress it, if there is an excessive reaction of the immune system, – says Larisa Icenova.