the controversy caused by the geopolitical, economic, cultural and religious factors remain unchanged and lead to the formation of “lines of tension” in the same areas as in the first half of the twentieth century.

the Ambitions of the States which nothing can restrain, lead to conflict or, according to V. Putin, “historically global development competition”. And the most effective remedy he calls for international cooperation.

But the growth of the internal contradictions between States leads to weakening of the mandate of supranational structures: today, the reduction of the role of the UN is a recognized fact and the subject of diplomatic discussions, and the role of instruments adopted by the key to global security structure – the UN Security Council, belittled.

Article by Vladimir Putin can not be viewed as a milestone and a policy document that draws a line under many insinuations against the Soviet Union and issues on the agenda of the really strategically important issues of the future which put before us the bloodiest war in history.

This page includes not only the reduction of the role of international cooperation, and revision of the prohibition of the glorification of the inhuman, cannibalistic regimes – such, what was the regime of Nazi Germany. Today, on the eve of the anniversary of 22 June 1941, the responsible leaders of countries whose citizens participated in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945, must reaffirm the unacceptability and inadmissibility of neo-fascist ideology.

I, a citizen of Ukraine, especially emotionally touched the fragment of the article, which refers to the phenomenon of bloody infamy, “when those who oppose neo-Nazis and the heirs of Bandera, kill and burn”. The cowardly silence of the Western leaders of the Odessa tragedy may 2, 2014, when it was burned 48 people, promoting the fact that murderers still not brought to justice. It is not one of the many manifestations of mockery of the historical memory? In this series, and the demolition of the monument to Marshal Konev in Prague, and the dismantling of bas-relief to Marshal Zhukov in Odessa – all these acts of symbolic violence aimed at establishing ideological domination over the population.

I well understand those feelings of bitterness and resentment that filled Ukrainian, Polish, Czech veterans, veterans from the Baltic States, whose sacrifices and efforts to ensure that we could live in a world today vtaptyvaetsya in the dirt. In the V century BC the Greek poet Simonides Keosky said, “For a complete happiness of man ought to have a glorious Fatherland.” And it is impossible not to agree. That is why our party, “the Opposition platform For life” on may 9 this year launched an initiative createdia in Ukraine public movement “the Ukrainian front for the protection of historical memory”. The aim of this movement is the exposure of attempts of falsification of history, the protection of historical memory and prevent the forgetting the feat of the Soviet people committed during the great Patriotic war.

About the feat in the days when the Red Army liberated Auschwitz, one of the best sons of the Ukrainian people, Oleksandr Dovzhenko wrote in his diary: “the Soviet people are all brought up in the desire to exploit. And all his life, unknown and incomprehensible to any foreigners and are deeply hidden from them, is the life of devotees flowing in the direction of asceticism. A quarter century of this life, full of events unprecedented, deprivation and restrictions in the name of world happiness, was like a preparation for a gigantic feat, potassimu for many centuries the whole world.”

an Article by Vladimir Putin, who not only declares its position, and objectively, citing historical facts, it argues, is not only of scientific but also of practical value to our movement, whose aim is the protection of historical memory. But for Ukraine, which calls the streets of towns and villages in honor of the associates of fascists, who are responsible for the massacre of civilians, this question is a challenge and can be a cause to reassess the role of historical figures and events that will find support of the majority of citizens. The position of our party remains solid, consistent and principled – the glorification of the Nazis and their collaborators completely unacceptable.

the results of the great Patriotic war, which became a pitched battle of world war II, led to the creation of a new architecture for peace, which has existed unchanged for half a century and proved its effectiveness. At the end of the XX century, after disintegration of the USSR the world became unipolar, which allowed US to pursue a policy solely in its own interests, but today the world is once again becoming multipolar, which increases the role of international cooperation called for by President Vladimir Putin.

the Initiative of Vladimir Putin – to expand international cooperation and support international and inter-cultural dialogue is not just worthy of approval and support, and may become a new mainstream of international cooperation. And it’s not just words – the proposal of the Russian President on the meeting of leaders of permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) inspires serious optimism from the principles on which to build global policy, depends, not to sink if we soon to new shocks.