Russian actor Mikhail Efremov, who is under house arrest after a fatal accident in Central Moscow, is in the doldrums and practically nothing to eat. Status of the artist told his housekeeper Eva Moses, TV channel REN TV.

According to the woman, Efremov does not drink alcohol and only drinks water. He feels bad about what happened, so he feels very bad and always lies. Periodically the actor calls an ambulance. The housekeeper said that the children of Ephraim, visit him often.

Earlier it was reported that the actor again came to the staff of the Federal service of execution of punishments. Ephraim was taken to another interrogation in connection with a fatal accident on Smolensk square.

the Tragedy occurred on the evening of 8 June. Efremov, being in an alcohol intoxication, on his jeep drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into the car Lada, whose driver later died in hospital from loss of blood. The deceased 57-year-old courier Sergei Zakharov is survived by two children, wife and elderly mother. Ephraim was sent under house arrest. To it threatens from 5 till 12 years of prison.

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