the host of “Fashion verdict”, fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev told about referred to it splendid dresses of the singer and actress Yulia Nachalova. His words leads “Sobesednik”.

Vasilyev said that he had received the outfits — three dresses and two pairs of shoes — from a mother’s Nachalova free. He believes that a woman handed him things as Russia’s largest private collector of historical costumes, because it desires to keep his daughter’s memory.

“I Nachalova outfits took away my assistant. He said that Yulia’s mother was in tears. It is very touching goodbye with these dresses,” shared the source publication and have promised to keep the costumes “in great form”.

the Clothes from the wardrobe of the singer Vasiliev presented to the public at his exhibition in Kaliningrad. According to him, these outfits aroused special interest. “The early death of a beautiful young woman can leave no one indifferent. Tragedy always adds interest to the history of any person,” he explained.

Yulia Nachalova died in March 2019. According to her doctor, the singer developed gangrene after wound on his leg became infected. The actress was put into an artificial coma after a few days Nachalova died.