the host of “Fashion verdict” Alexander Vasiliev was discharged from the hospital in Kommunarka and told about the changes they saw in the appearance of others. His observations fashion historian shared on Instagram on Tuesday, may 12.

In the first place Vasilev has paid attention that during a pandemic in the fashion industry, people began to wear protective masks and rubber gloves blue color.

“This will dictate a certain trend for many Flirty, fashionable women that go to town for groceries or walk their Pets,” he predicted TV presenter. Then he added that in future fashionista will look for accessories to match such as gloves, such as a handkerchief on the neck or headpiece. In Vasilyev’s opinion, thus women will be able “to avoid the cacophony of color”.

in addition, fashion historian has evaluated the design of the protective masks on the faces of citizens, in particular masks with flowers, appliques and rhinestones, like Philip Kirkorov. “Russian people are talented in fiction, especially if you ask him in the right direction. And Khokhloma mask painted under Gzhel, you’ll see,” he concluded.

In the same post, the TV host said that he fully healthy now and can go for a walk with your pet and in your nearest store.

Alexander Vasiliev was hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia on April 12. He reported that thanks to the help of leading Elena Malysheva he was placed in a clean and bright house with a good five meals.