Four-year-old girl from the English city of Southampton, Hampshire, saved the life of the mother who had a severe asthma attack. This publication reports The Mirror.

32-year-old Katie Humphries (Katy Humphries) played with a four-year old daughter Fahey (Faye) at home. At this point the woman has been a severe asthma attack. The inhaler helped her breathing and she began to lose consciousness.

Katie said to her daughter: “Mom needs help”. Then the girl called in service of rescue and called the doctors. She told the operator: “Mom can’t breathe.” The girl called the name of his mother.

the Operator kept talking to the child until the arrival of paramedics. The girl took them home. She was very calm for a four year old child.

After the arrival of the ambulance, Katie suffered a second asthma attack, and before sending to the hospital gave her an injection of adrenaline.

“If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think now would be alive. I couldn’t breathe. It was a terrible asthma attack that has ever happened to me,” she said.

Earlier it was reported that the boy from the English town of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, saved his pregnant mother when she collapsed because she had developed sepsis. He couldn’t Wake mother called my aunt with the help of iPad and said scared, as his mother’s strange breathing.