As reported in the city hall, this year the authorities prepared for the opening of four municipal beach. They are equipped on the streets of Forest, Wide, Chernigivskiy promenade, and on River Avenue.

– In preparation for all retreats were held acaricidal treatment, examined the bottom of the rivers, the buoys are installed, delivered fresh sand, repaired beach equipment, installed portable toilets and garbage containers, – have informed in administration of Kostroma.

In may, experts FBUZ “Center of hygiene and epidemiology” took samples of water and sand on city beaches. The results of the analysis revealed that the quality of sand meets the requirements of sanitary rules and norms on all beaches. But the quality of the water pumped.

beaches along the streets of Forest and Wide in the water are exceeded by sanitary-chemical indicators. On Chernigovskoy embankment and River Avenue – on sanitary-chemical and microbiological – said at city hall.

Officially, the city beaches with the onset of summer is not opened, and not only because of the quality of water: still in Kostroma is not removed the restrictions applicable in connection with the spread of the new coronavirus infection. On beaches warning notices banning swimming. However, residents are not stopped despite warnings from epidemiologists, Kostroma, forgetting the masks and social distance, feel free to put on the swimwear.

the Department of municipal inspections has issued a statement that violators of safe rest on water objects waiting for administrative responsibility.

For swimming in waters where there are prohibiting signs and notices, as well as jumping into water from bridges, jetties, river transport moving beyond the restrictive signs provided for fines – said the authorities.

Since last year, the administrative responsibility tightened. If you have previously violators could get a warning or a fine to one thousand rubles, now the amount increased to 5000 rubles. The same penalties threatened parents whose children are swimming in restricted areas, swim in unsuitable vehicles and without supervision on water bodies.

city hall said that today bathing in Kostroma prohibited on all beaches and in all the popular places of rest of citizens: on the right Bank of the Volga river near the village of Selishche, on Quay street, near the railway bridge and on the left Bank of pond street Wood, near the village of Basil, oil Depot, street Narimanova.

the increase in the amount of the fine the majority of Kostroma took disapprovingly.

– Is it the citizens fault that none of the official city beaches, officials are unable to provide normal conditions? Why vacationers are fined, and not those who have these conditions should create? – wonder users of social networks.

However, the participants of the raids with such statement of a question do not agree. The police said that violation of the rules of behavior on the water threatens the family another form of punishment. If on the beach find children unaccompanied by adults on their parents to draw up protocols under article 5.35 of the administrative code “Failure of parents or other lawful representatives of minor duties under the maintenance and education of minors”. For parental carelessness will have to pay 500 rubles.

In the conditions of a ban on bathing some Kostroma has found an alternative to the official beaches. In may of this year in Kostroma Victory Park opened the city’s largest fountain. First, enterprising teenagers began to use it to collect from the bottom of the abandoned visitors small coins. And when the heat gets guests turned the fountain into a large pool.

– In the Victory Park in Fontana not only go young”gold diggers”, but the parents of the children run to swim! As in the river. Three girls in shorts splashed around in the fountain. With them was mother, father and grandmother. But teenagers climb right in the bowl of the fountain. The water is dirty. My son was surprised when he saw in the water sock, – was indignant one of the witnesses of the events.

However, some residents of the regional center said that I don’t see anything wrong with that.

– In this heat any large fountain is transformed for children into the pool. In the Volga river and swimming is not allowed, then where in the city do that? – wonder users of social networks.


According to the administration of Kostroma, with the onset of heat is the urban Center of civil protection started to conduct daily raids on the popular places of recreation near the water. Inspections are conducted as on official city beaches, and in places not intended for swimming. In the municipality said that inspectors remind parents of the responsibility for finding children in the water unattended. If a child finds one on the beach will put on the account in the Commission on Affairs of minors. Authorities warned that patrols places will last until the end of the summer.