the Ministry of health of Russia has published on its official website warning about the risks of hookah Smoking.

Doctors say that the risk of hookah use is underestimated by many. Meanwhile, according to the statements of the Ministry of health, Smoking hookahs contributes to the spread of a new type of coronavirus COVID-19, tuberculosis and cholera. The Ministry clarified that the danger comes from lack of hygiene: the bad treatment of the hookah flasks can lead to cholera, tuberculosis and other dangerous diseases.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a Federal law that extends anti-Smoking legislation on wapi, hookahs and snusa. Under the new rules, the responsibility for Smoking wapow in inappropriate places will be punished with an administrative fine, and the involvement of children in Smoking hookahs and other tavakolizadeh devices will be prosecuted. Fines under the new rules, are the same that are installed on regular cigarettes.