St. PETERSBURG, may 3 – RIA Novosti. System free testing for coronavirus for everyone can be arranged in the Komi Republic not earlier than in one or two months, said on Sunday the acting head of the Republic Vladimir Uiba.

“Today there are paid the laboratory that tests (coronavirus) make money. When this is can be done for free (for everyone – ed.)? I think that not earlier than in a month – two… Fundamentally, I think that a month we will definitely have to work on those categories that are at risk,” – said Uiba in the video with the answers to the questions coming at him from the residents of the Komi Republic.

He said that now the time of waiting for test results on the coronavirus in the country is three or four days, and sometimes up to a week. “Today we make 1,200 tests per day. In this case we have (daily) fence – 5-7 million (strokes),” – said Uiba.

According to head of the Komi Republic, the study tests COVID-19 in Komi are engaged in four laboratories, including three in Syktyvkar and one in Vorkuta. Until the end of may is also planned to open a laboratory in Ukhta.

Uiba abstained from forecasts about when it may end the epidemic of coronavirus in the Komi Republic.

“If we turn to the question how to act to resist this infection (not say) anything new. It’s a deadly self-isolation. As soon as we cease to communicate, we begin to reduce the level of infestation. As soon as we reduce the level of infestation, we begin to treat the infected and prevent new infected” – he concluded.

According to the Republican Department of Rospotrebnadzor, on Sunday at Komi 676 confirmed cases of coronavirus, a gain for the day amounted to 20 cases. Recovered 107 people, including 15 – for the last days.

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