The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov has earned 4.3 million rubles in 2019, almost three and a half times less than the income of his wife (14.7 million rubles). This is stated in the Declaration of policy placed on the website of the government of the Republic.

In 2018 Feldman earned 2.9 million rubles, and in 2017 and 2016 — 2.6 million rubles. Its use is a land area of 607 square meters and the building (577,5 square meters). Own housing and transportation the head of the Crimea on the road.

Owned by the wife of Aksenov has three apartments, 11 commercial premises, two land plots, a house and a BMW 750 Li xDrive. In 2018, its revenue amounted to 13 million rubles, in 2017 — 19.9, and in 2016 — 32.8 million rubles.

Earlier Sverdlovsk Deputy from “United Russia” Ilya Gaffner reported income for the year 2019 in the four pennies. He famously told the Russians “eat less” in a crisis.